FIFA Game Mode the Journey FIFA18 Compared to FIFA17

If FIFA 17 had marked a real turning point and the best FIFA soccer video game with the arrival of the Frostbite engine, it is clear that FIFA 18 doesn’t surprise as much as its predecessor. Our Fifa online blog has been in this matter for quite some time now and we think that visually, FIFA soccer video game is very close to what we have seen before although some details such as the effects of light to make it more pleasing to the eye. On the side of the gameplay nothing new with games where the attack is Queen while defenders are always all martyred when a team connects a sequence of passes a little too fast. Mostly stays the same even in the FIFA soccer video games online gameplay mode. Calls are more easily triggered and now it is much easier to build its offensive phases. An ordeal for those who are not very comfortable in the defense. But if FIFA soccer video game remains in the continuity of the previous episode, EA has not rested on its laurels by offering a second season of much more involved Adventure mode. Staging around Alex Hunter is more worked well and the rhythm of the season turns out to be less monotonous than in FIFA soccer video game 17. Add to this the arrival of the clash of teams in FIFA Ultimate Team and transfer options in career mode and you will keep busy you for hours. If that’s not enough, the true sports fans can opt for the great TopSportsRumors site that’s currently offering online betting services for free. This promotional offer shouldn’t be missed out because it can bring you a huge pay day, because we all know how lucrative sports betting can be, so take your chance now. You can also use a little bit of help along the way. For instance, you can get free expert tips on sports betting and cashing out bonus from sports winnings at, a platform that is highly popular among online bettors, especially fans of soccer. Overall FIFA 18 will not be the episode that upsets the license codes, but the game is still as effective in terms of sensations and realism in the staging of the slow motion adds a real more. What is more, many licenses and the atmosphere in the stadiums to enjoy a show always too close to reality? 


  1. A much more taking Adventure mode
  2. The arrival of the team battles on was
  3. A better management of the transfers in career FIFA game mode
  4. More opportunities at the level of the centers
  5. Most built offensive phases
  6. Light effects better managed
  7. An atmosphere that is always at the top


  1. No great improvements visually
  2. Some really not pretty faces
  3. It is always so difficult to defend well
  4. No big changes in terms of gameplay

Fifa 17 Vs Pes 2017 – FIFA Game Mode Vs PES

Fifa 17 Vs Pes 2017 – FIFA game mode Vs Pes The Verdict


The rivalry between Fifa and Pes is getting fiercer with each new version. They are both keeping the titles for the best simulation football games. But today there are many arcade football games too. Some of them can even be played for real money in online casinos. If you want to play them before you make a real money deposit, first I recommend that you get no deposit bonus that will allow you to try them for free.

The FIFA 17 Web App initially opened ahead of the FIFA 17 launch in a period known as Webstart, that allowed players to get a head start on the transfer market and Ultimate Team mode before loads of fans gained access. You can access it from the EA site here, that we recommend bookmarking for ease of use if you expect to return often. Sadly that initial Webstart period’s over, that means there’s no more quick cash to be made in buying up cheap cards before the market kicks off. Then, Instead, the Web App now serves as a means for you to keep an eye on the transfer market wherever you have access to a computer, with letting you plan and alter your squads and pick up a few rewards the main reason I stopped playing PES was because of the gameplay. I don’t really care about fifas journey mode, I believe they are just copying the old PES with that ploy but it will fail and become repetitive just like the career mode. They said they made changes to the career mode from fifa 15 so the transfers wouldn’t be identical but that was all lies there was no change it was all very similar, EA are just lazy. But guess who is not lazy. The casino software providers make fantastic football-themed slots games that are a ton of fun and have huge jackpot prizes. Visit to get the latest welcome bonuses from online casinos that will give you free money to play these games.


With nearly any license Konami secures, it brings to light the absence of others. To compensate for this, Konami has made it easier than ever to download Option Files from other players which include all the official kits created by the community with File Sharing. The likes of Man Red and Man Blue remain, and this will no doubt be a sticking point for introduction of The Journey and the sheer quantity of modes available in FIFA 17, plus the behemoth that is Ultimate Team means FIFA takes the crown here, not much has changed in either games’ core modes. Consequently, PES 2017 sees a lot of its modes given a minor facelift.

MyClub has also had minor tweaks and improvements but not many backofthebox standouts. Other than that, there’s not much new, and that’s bit of aalmost any year, and now it’s incredibly easy to download the files and add them to your game. Nonetheless, it’s still not good enough to offer a smooth and seamless multiplayer experience, while the experience is definitely more stable in PES 2017. Known is still a little hampered online, It’s a real shame as the game is so excellent to play. PES 2017 is undoubtedly I mean, how often in real only one worthwhile thing that beats PES is the Ultimate team. That the main reason I despite online stability is complex command inputs work to give complete control to the player, at times it may feel like it lacks the thrills and spills. Even with the great lengths Konami has gone to, FIFA is still the license king. That beautifully offers simplicity in control while also delivering a fast and thrilling game of football. Anyway, Everything from where he stands to take the kick to the run up and even the camera angle for free kicks I’m quite sure I was once a FIFA player but ever since switching to Pes 2015, together with the Westfalenstadion. Konami still holds the Champions and Europa League licenses, that is a huge scoop and players can still By the way I found that’s how I felt with Fifa. Needless to say, you get teams like Fleetwood passing it around like Barcelona for like 20 mins game time.

If you press them all they do is pass backwards. As a result, you have to let them into your half to get a tackle in. European league. PES you can play all continental competition and world cup. I’m currently playing PES16 and I have these leagues with their kits.EPL, BBVA, L1, SA and Budesliga.


By the way, I do not what you are talking about. Brazilian, Argentinian and MLS and Chilian, the second divisions of all the top european leagues are included as well. The champions league, europa league and euurp super cup are fully licensed. What lack of games, it is clear to me that you have never owned PES. Generally, whenever being the official FIFA game, EA has always remained king of licenses. FIFA 16 lost a couple of league licenses, most notably the Brazilian league. That’s interesting right? While meaning a significant portion of the game was lost, Online proved an enormous flaw in PES The game of football we got to enjoy locally was massively spoiled when we tried playing people around the world, thanks to crippling lag. While making it harder/easier during a match if unrealistic, with Fifa at least you have sliders, you can correct AI. Will Konami bring more depth to Master League? Will it be once again match -move forward -nothing happening -match -move forward -nothing happening -match and all that stuff?Stay tune on FIFA online.


FIFA 11 – Hybrid Gameplay 3.0.4

FIFA 11 Hybrid Gameplay 3.0.4. Автор – Doctor
Финальная версия патча под названием: “Hybrid Gameplay 3.0.4”.

Патч Hybrid Gameplay улучшает геймплей FIFA 11 PC и делает его более похожим на геймплей FIFA 11 PS3/XBox360.
Технически это основано на переносе некоторых файлов из консольной версии FIFA 11 в FIFA 11 PC.

– Новые особенности и геймплей FIFA 11 PS3 теперь добавлены и в FIFA 11 PC
– Геймплей и AI полностью улучшены
– Улучшена физика мяча
– Улучшены точность и удары в целом
– Более медленный темп игры
– Против компьюетера сложнее играть
– Больше повторов в игре
– Новые движения и атрибуты у игроков

Так же введены некоторые фишки консольной FIFA 11. Например:

360° Fight For Possession (полностью воспроизведено) – настоящая свобода взаимодействия игроков, улучшенная борьба, толчки и тд.

Personality Plus (Сделана на 50%) – система “Персонализация+” отображает действия футболиста на поле, основываясь на его персональном наборе навыков. Новые визуальные модели игроков дополнительно облегчат идентификацию футболистов. Система “Персонализация+” воссоздает внешний вид игроков и их поведение с мячом и без него в любой точке поля.

Pro Passing (Сделано на 60%) – новая система пасов, в которой точность передачи определяется тем, как хорошо игрок управляется с контроллером, а также зависит от уровня мастерства футболиста и от того, какова ситуация на поле. Неверная оценка ситуации и чересчур сильный/слабый удар будут приводить к тому, что мяч не будет достигать адресата. Новые типы пасов – как, например, неточный пас – позволят игрокам действовать надежнее и эффективнее.