FIFA Game Mode the Journey FIFA18 Compared to FIFA17

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If FIFA 17 had marked a real turning point and the best FIFA soccer video game with the arrival of the Frostbite engine, it is clear that FIFA 18 doesn’t surprise as much as its predecessor. Our Fifa online blog has been in this matter for quite some time now and we think that visually, FIFA soccer video game is very close to what we have seen before although some details such as the effects of light to make it more pleasing to the eye. On the side of the gameplay nothing new with games where the attack is Queen while defenders are always all martyred when a team connects a sequence of passes a little too fast. Mostly stays the same even in the FIFA soccer video games online gameplay mode. Calls are more easily triggered and now it is much easier to build its offensive phases. An ordeal for those who are not very comfortable in the defense. But if FIFA soccer video game remains in the continuity of the previous episode, EA has not rested on its laurels by offering a second season of much more involved Adventure mode. Staging around Alex Hunter is more worked well and the rhythm of the season turns out to be less monotonous than in FIFA soccer video game 17. Add to this the arrival of the clash of teams in FIFA Ultimate Team and transfer options in career mode and you will keep busy you for hours. If that’s not enough, the true sports fans can opt for the great TopSportsRumors site that’s currently offering online betting services for free. This promotional offer shouldn’t be missed out because it can bring you a huge pay day, because we all know how lucrative sports betting can be, so take your chance now. You can also use a little bit of help along the way. For instance, you can get free expert tips on sports betting and cashing out bonus from sports winnings at, a platform that is highly popular among online bettors, especially fans of soccer. Overall FIFA 18 will not be the episode that upsets the license codes, but the game is still as effective in terms of sensations and realism in the staging of the slow motion adds a real more. What is more, many licenses and the atmosphere in the stadiums to enjoy a show always too close to reality? 


  1. A much more taking Adventure mode
  2. The arrival of the team battles on was
  3. A better management of the transfers in career FIFA game mode
  4. More opportunities at the level of the centers
  5. Most built offensive phases
  6. Light effects better managed
  7. An atmosphere that is always at the top


  1. No great improvements visually
  2. Some really not pretty faces
  3. It is always so difficult to defend well
  4. No big changes in terms of gameplay

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